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Our Services


We implement embedded product strategy across life cycle of product. Be it a consumer product or an industrial one, our unique adaptive approach not only reduces time to market but also adopts a systematic and risk free approach to make it successful. We have early warning system in place that definitely saves efforts and investment.


PREMIER Staffing

Recently launched, but with a huge success of PREMIER Staffing for the Software Product Development-companies including matured ones like NYSE listed. We connect top talents across multiple skill sets to organizations across IT/ITES, ECommerce & Hi-Tech sector.


We build the capability that provides an integrated seamless experience - Be it a consumer product or an enterprise, we ensure to implement priority based and rule driven engine to match the taste of customers.


For low-market share products, we provide mechanism to remove obstacles specific to research mechanism, economies of scale-wherever necessary and distribution mechanism. For high-share products, we do employ cutting edge risk reduction mechanism using consulting service.



Agility is the backbone of our development practice. We have dedicated as well as fixed duration based development pool of engineers specific to class of products-Mobile, Cloud, Web, IOT, Blockchain, BI are few to be mentioned. We have implemented advanced UX design practices across industries.



Emphasizing the uniqueness of every problem and datasets, we provide solution based one statistical modelling, collaborative filtering and neural networks. In order to build a larger variety of solutions to the recommendation engine, we do avoid a generic recommendation engine. We address lack of production grade solutions by using unconventional approach.


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